Acer Predator Helios 300 Review

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop Review

Its always been a confusing task to choose the best portable gaming rig under your budget! That too in India it’s super hard to get a well-configured machine at its best price. There are tons of companies to choose from but only a few have gained our trust. In that perspective, Acer with its Predator series is one big player in the market. My advice would be to save money to choose a Mid-Range Gaming Laptop that ranges somewhere between 80000 Indian Rupees to around a lakh. Today we are presenting you one such device that offers amazing gameplay at high settings on a beautiful display. The Acer Predator Helios 300. It’s almost a year since the release but it’s still one of the cheapest GTX 10 Series laptop that you can afford in India as well as in the US market! So in this article, we are gonna check out whether its still worth buying the Helios 300 in 2018 The device has a stylish and sturdy design.

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The laptop is dominantly made up of plastic but on lifting the display lid, the device offers a brushed metal texture. The most important aspect of this design is the thermal architecture. The AeroBlade 3D technology is a huge leap made by Acer. It is a custom innovation with ultrathin metal fans that enables better and quieter airflow to cool the massive heat-generation that happens inside because of the components. The AeroBlade fans are made completely with metal and with more number of wings, which kind of help to increase the airflow by 25% But unfortunately not all the versions come out with the Aero Blade technology. In the ones that don’t have AeroBlade, the cooling system is somewhat not well structured leading to the production of more heat, and that happens at a very faster rate. So this is something that you need to look on while purchasing the Helios Series Talking about the keyboard the inputs are comfortable and responsive. Although when using the keys individually the feel isn’t that great. But when used as a whole, it kind of feels very satisfying. The keyboard is back-lit with sharp red color making it look nice against the black keys and also goes well with the overall design.

The backlit can be turned on or off, but the brightness can’t adjust nor customized One major issue while buying a gaming laptop is to bear the weight. But surprisingly the Helios 300 isn’t as heavy as other gaming laptops, it has been made possible with the mixture of plastic chassis which also kind of helped on the price cut-down. The laptop weighs around 2.7Kg. Till now everything was super impressive, But as to save on cost, Acer has offered a display that is way too dim. It is a FULL HD Matte IPS display manufactured by LG. Usually, I prefer the Matte displays over the glossy ones.

Although Glossy displays have more vivid color and contrast. But light reflections can cause extreme discomforts. It has amazing viewing angles with 86% of the sRGB color space. But the brightness is one major downfall of this device. Which also makes it a bad choice for video makers who are looking for a powerful machine for color grading. The display is extremely dull which kind of makes it super hard to use under sunlight. The LG panel usually has typical IPS viewing angles.

But the Helios 300 kind of has slight color deviation while looking from certain sides. although this wouldn’t be a problem in daily use. Under the hood, Helios 300 comes with i7 8th Gen Coffee Lake Processor[i7-8750H]. It has a base frequency of 2.2Ghz that can go up-to a Max Turbo Boost of 4.1GHz. The best part of this particular processor model is that it has an Intel UHD 630 Graphics. Further to add jerry on top, it is a 6 core processor with 12 threads.

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We did a few Benchmark test and found that it overheads its predecessor with a 58% performance rate in the multi-threaded test and made 50% progression rate when we rendered a 2-pass x264 video! Which is extremely impressive The device that you’re looking in the video holds a 1050Ti Processor and it costs over 98000 INR. If you’re planning to get the 1060 version then you might have to pay around 10000INR additional cost. If further budget is a problem then you can choose the i7 7th gen version of the same Helios Series, which can save up to 10000 Indian Rupees! The device can potentially render and play 4k or even 8k videos without any lag, but yes with few frame drops. Also, the device has an unlocked GPU which lets you overclock. Technically, overclocking is the process of pushing your device potential beyond its factory settings. This can be carried out with the help of PredatorSense software that can safely push the system while keeping the temperatures in check.

The software features a simple UI and also provides 3 different modes that can help you to overclock the GPU One cool fact about this device is that it doesn’t have a G-sync display so it can potentially shift from Nvidia to its integrated Intel UHD graphics when not playing games or using any GPU hungry software. This can help you to save battery life. Talking about its storage, the Helios 300 comes with 125GB SSD. Which is kind of disappointing? Although the boot-up rate was surprisingly just 5 seconds! This is why to insist people to make sure to buy a laptop that mandatory holds an SSD. The device also holds an internal 1TB Mechanical Drive for further storage. The Acer Predator Helios 300 is one full package at a great price. The MSI laptops do offer high configurations at lower cost but with a huge let down on build quality. The Helios 300 Balances specs and price in perfect ratio! Considering all these factors, The Helios 300 is still a great choice to purchase in 2018. Either way thanks for reading!

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